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Natasha (Tasha) Naa Borley Arley Ama Sango. 16 years. Twitter name/Instagram/KIK @TashaSango BBMPIN:7502BB8C♥Taurus ♥
Obsessed with the arts. This blog focuses on my Photography. No training whatsoever.Wild Imagination.I shoot with a NIKON/COOLPIX P500. ..........

Qatar-Doha-Asia☺ Enjoy!!
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everything is always my fault. all i do is cause problems and make everything worse. i dont even know why im still here, no one would notice if i was gone. people only talk to me when they need something, but otherwise im completely invisible. everyone would do just fine without me. it wouldnt make any difference if i wasnt here anymore. so i really dont know what’s keeping me here? 

When i feel depressed :/ 
Ben & Jerry is always der for me :’(